Over the last 18 years, we have been engaged to work on projects with completion times ranging from a few hours to a few years. We have created branding, brochures, simple websites and content management systems.

Our expertise is designing and developing complex custom-built solutions for our clients.

A variety of these projects is listed below.


We have collaborated with numerous clients over the years. The list below reflects the diversity of the businesses we have had the pleasure to work with:

  • Innate Choice
  • Eat Well Move Well Think Well
  • Islands Trust
  • Adrenaline Zipline Adventure Tours
  • Municipal Finance Authority
  • 24 Carrot Learning
  • Open Schools
  • Calliope Learning
  • Ocean River Sports
  • Current Designs
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Outrigger Connection Worldwide
  • Victoria Harbour Authority
  • The Wellness Practice
  • Camosun College
  • LyinTamer
  • New Home Sales Connection
  • Hemsworth Construction


E-Commerce > Innate Choice

Innate Choice started as an off-the-shelf e-commerce system, but as business requirements evolved, the system was no longer adequate.

To meet Innate Choice's needs, we built a custom system from the ground up. Many features of a regular e-commerce platform are there: shopping cart, customer records, real-time payment processing, security. Many other features were added to enhance Innate Choice's customers experience on the site and to make administering the site and business, easier and more cost effective.

The custom built system allows Innate Choice to operate efficiently, with minimal staff.

Health and Wellness > Eat Well Move Well Think Well

The Eat Well Move Well Think Well system was designed for Chiropractors and other wellness professionals to assess their patients' health and wellness and provide them with tools to make healthy lifestyle changes.

The core component of the program is an online success journal which provides the patient with a customized daily plan. Progress is tracked on a daily basis and combined with follow-up assessments to measure changes in the patient's health and wellness over a year long period.

Using an on-line interface, clinics can schedule workshops, access instructional resources and manage patients.

Patients access the system through a branded portal that allows them to complete comprehensive assessments, complete their daily journal, access educational resources, videos and recipes.

Multi-System > Isands Trust

This multi-year project involved the conversion of over 20 different desktop based applications to web applications to save maintenance costs and to allow easier access to the data from remote locations.

Numerous new applications were also developed along the way.

Event Management > 24 Carrot Learning

24 Carrot Learning promotes individuals, groups and organizations who provide training and education and connects them with individuals, groups and organizations looking for those services. allows these users to create profiles, post workshops and courses they wish to offer and handles the registration on their behalf when needed.

Learners can search the system for courses/content and register on-line.

Interactive Learning > Open Schools

Open Schools develops educational resources for the public sector and schools teaching grades K to 12.

We colloborated with their team of curriculum developers and artists to create interactive learning assets in Adobe Flash.